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Do you dislike ugly Chain Link Fences ?

If Yes ! Then PLEASE ! Decorate these Ugly Fences.

The chain link fence is a very good way to restrict the movement of people or animals within and across the boundaries of all sorts of properties, from private residences to sports grounds, warehouses and government buildings.

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

They can provide excellent protection against trespassers, and help ensure the safety of people and property; and it is their usefulness and relatively low cost that makes them hugely popular.

However they have one common feature; regardless of whether they are permanent structures surrounding a school, golf course or animal enclosure or temporary fences protecting a work or building site, or keeping crowds away from a “restricted access area” at an event.

That common feature is that they are bog ugly… that’s right very definitely “on the nose” ;“smelly”; “offends the eye” UGLY.

Decorate Your Fence… It’s Simple..

Chain link fences are usually built to provide protection and few manufacturers care about the aesthetic appeal of the fence.

The open weave of the fence makes it easy for YOU, the owner (or a neighbour, sports club or community group)to get stuck in and use the freedom this gives to decorate them so they become attractive to the eye.

Use Privacy Slats for Decoration as well as privacy

Here’s an example which shows a fence blended into the landscape by utilizing Privacy Slats designed to give the appearance of a hedge.
chainlink fence hedge privacy slats

Other examples can be seen here .  (http://pinterest.com/caststone/get-rid-of-ugly-fences/)

There are also timber, metal (aluminium) and vinyl slats available in a range of colours that can be used to achieve decorative effects.
As well as being functional by providing privacy  and protection from the wind , these type of slats help in beautifying the actual fence.
Ok ! I know that the term beauty is being used relatively loosely, but it is a start.)

There are endless ways to decorate your Chain link Fence

The following links will show you some great ideas.

6 great ideas for decoration of a chain link fence.


Jessica Jackson provides inspiration for gardeners


And take a look at our pinterest page where we’ll keep adding ideas.


And of course its Christmas..

christmas decorations on fence

So some Christmas ideas to decorate that ugly fence.

Wreaths, Garlands, Lights, Bows and Ornaments of all kinds, tinsel can all be used to great effect.

Even just a colourful ribbon wrapped around the top of the fence will make a big improvement

 Lots More Ideas

For more ideas take a look at our fences pinterest board, there’s lots of great fence decorative ideas.


A word of warning !

Always Consider the effect of wind loading caused by your decorative efforts.

There is one thing you must consider when using any form of decoration; and in particular something which is as “solid” as  privacy slats, and that the extra wind resistance that the decoration may create and the effect that the “wind loading” will have on the stability of the fence.

You will need to consider reinforcing the posts and other structural components if the decoration provides any sort of increased wind loading.

Chain link fences in their natural form have quite low wind loading and are often constructed with lightweight poles used as posts, you must make sure that your decoration is not going to cause the fence to blow down in a strong wind.

And of course there is always the Fence Eater plants

As mentioned before you can always disguise and cover up the fence with some fence devouring vines.



Please send us your examples.

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  1. Any idea where to obtain flexible Fence Weave plastic strips for chain link fences in Australia?

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