Commercial Projects: Precast Concrete Pillar Fencing in Aged Care Developments

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aged care pillar fence

CastStone has installed precast concrete pillar fences in many aged care facilities throughout Australia. The diversity of our pillar designs – from modern Quoins to traditional and heritage – suits all types of aged care developments. We will either have a mould already that meets your specifications, or we can design a custom mould.

We work hand in hand with architects, designers and developers across Australia, during pre-design, planning and council approval to meet specifications, time frames and budgets.

Following are some of our aged care property fencing projects:

Premier Healthcare – The Waterford @ Hervey Bay, QLD

aged care pillar fence

The Waterford @ Hervey Bay in Urraween QLD, is a luxury aged care facility with 145 beds, purpose built in 2017. The project cost was $30 million and it took about 18 months to complete.

We worked with the Hutchison Building Group to deliver sixty pillars to create a fence spanning the frontage. We used the 330 pillar range which are medium sized pillars of 340mm x 340mm shafts and 480mm x 480mm bases, and a larger capital. The combination of a slimmer shaft with a wider capital creates a different look to a shaft and capital that are similar dimensions. These are the small details that make a big difference to the final result and our team is here to advise and guide you.

Premier Healthcare – The Menzies @ Pacific Paradise, QLD

aged care pillar fence

The Menzies @ Pacific Paradise was completed in 2019 offering short term respite care as well as long term care. It’s a luxury facility with many modern facilities, large private rooms, a cinema, alfresco dining and sensory gardens. Like The Waterford, this fence needed one hundred pillars which were designed and manufactured in Adelaide, freighted up to Queensland on specially prepared pallets and installed by Hutchinson Builders.

Copper Coast Lifestyle Village, SA

aged care pillar fence   aged care pillar fence

The Copper Coast Lifestyle Village is a retirement community of 72 homes providing retirees a seaside lifestyle in the picturesque town of Moonta, SA.

We used the 250 series pillars along the fence line which had a 340mm x340mm shaft and a 480mm x480mm base. For the entrance, we used the more stately and larger 350 series to frame the sign board. The infills chosen for this project were a simple tubular steel.

Estia Health Lockleys, SA

aged care pillar fence   aged care pillar fence

Estia Health in Lockleys is a modern two storey, 88 bed high and low care facility. Kennett Builders completed this stunning property and brought the CastStone team in to deliver and install the concrete fence pillars.

The landscaped gardens were framed with a precast concrete pillar fence using the 330 pillars. We integrated a bank of concrete letterboxes into the fence and for this project we used a variety of infills – a tubular infill, concrete infill as well as sandstone.

aged care pillar fence  aged care pillar fence

The Peninsula Residential Care Centre – Kadina, SA

aged care pillar fence  aged care pillar fence  aged care pillar fence

The Peninsula Residential Care Centre is a high care facility situated in Kadina. For this wide frontage we used the 330 series pillars – a 340mm x340mm shaft with a 480mm x480mm base.

We mounted the pillars on a low wall and used tubular infills. The result was a stately looking fence that perfectly framed the nursing home.

Tanunda Lutheran Homes, Barossa Valley, SA

 aged care pillar fence  aged care pillar fence

Tanunda Lutheran Homes have 96 independent living units in a state of the art residential facility nestled in SA’s wine country, the Barossa. On site there is also a 117 bed residential aged care facility with a dedicated dementia wing.

For this development we used the P series pillars which are a narrower shaft measuring 315mm x 315mm with a 460mm x 460mm base. Like Peninsular Aged Care, we installed a low wall beneath the tubular infill.

Acacia Park Villages, SA

aged care pillar fence

Acacia Park Villages in Lipsett Terrace, are small boutique and independent living retirement villages with 2 and 3 bedroom villas, situated throughout Brooklyn Park in Adelaide. The properties offer both privacy with many shared facilities close to Henley Beach. The minimalist style of the Quoin precast concrete pillars were best suited to the contemporary design of these villas. The Quoins are also stackable, which means they can be as high as you need them to be.

And adding one more to the list…

Greenwood Cloisters – Gated Community, SA

modern fence design  modern fence design

Not an aged care facility, but a beautiful and sought after gated community in the Barossa. Greenwood Cloisters is a private gated community in Tanunda with access to its own parklands and surrounded by gum trees and lush gardens. For this prestigious address we used the 250 series pillars with a 340mm x340mm shaft and a 480mm x480mm base. The infill was tubular steel spaced more widely with solid concrete infills at the entrance for privacy.

Choosing infills

We have a variety of fence infills to choose from:

• Tubular steel
• Aluminium slats
• Cast aluminium
• Wooden slats
• Brush

We can also source sandstone, solid concrete or other materials that your project may require.

Planning, design and project management

With over thirty years’ experience dealing with tricky sites, exacting councils, finicky neighbours, heritage buildings and all sorts of weather, we manage the project from consultation and design to completion, avoiding delays to meet your company’s committed time frames.

We have worked on large scale developments with major companies around Australia and we have often rescued projects that other contractors haven't been able to complete.

We provide a one stop shop service, from design and planning, to council approval and managing neighbourhood needs, we manage all aspects of a fence installation for minimal delays.

Commercial precast concrete pillar fences freighted Australia-wide

We work with builders and architects throughout Australia to design and manufacture precast concrete pillars to their specifications. Over 40 years in manufacturing means we have many moulds to choose from or we can create a custom mould for a specific project.

Outside Adelaide, we freight Australia wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and regional areas. We work hand in hand on large commercial developments to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. Call us to discuss your commercial development on 1800 626 816.

Fully loaded semi truck with pallets of sandstone product  CastStone staff using forklift to load pallets of sandstone product  CastStone sandstone columns packed on specially made pallets with capitals

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