Modern, Simple, Luxury - Concrete Pillars that Create the Perfect Frame

By caststone

modern fence adelaide

It’s the small details that make a fence perfectly frame and finish a property. When you view this modern masterpiece in Kingswood Adelaide from the front, it is hard to imagine the home without the fence.

Precast concrete sandstone pillars and columns come in a range of modern and minimalistic designs to suit contemporary homes. The pillars are only part of the selection however. There were many elements during the planning and designing phase that we have outlined below:

  1. The pillar shaft itself – the minimalist modern range was chosen for its simple design. The shaft size was 400 x 400 cms which is a larger base than most, but the size of this home needed a wider pillar.
  2. The capitals – these sit on top of the pillar to finish it off and we have many different styles to choose from. This is an important decision as the height and shape will change the overall style. In this case we chose a completely flat stepped capital which we call the “Robert Capital”. Anything pointier would have taken away from the house design. The capitals have to complement and not dominate.
  3. The infill chosen was square vertical tubing to match the balustrading on the balcony, again to ensure that it complemented and did not introduce yet another design element. 
  4. The colour – precast concrete pillars can be left to age naturally or they can be painted to colour match the home, as we did in this case to create uniformity.
  5. The letterbox, address plate, security intercom and lighting – these were integrated into the pillars themselves.

modern fence adelaide  modern fence adelaide

The planning phase of our concrete pillar fences is thorough and detailed. We take many things into consideration such as the property size, in this case the wide frontage of the home needed a fence with dimensions that proportion to the frontage; the property’s boundaries; council needs and specifications; neighbourhood concerns; house plans and design needs to create the ideal and beautiful fences we are known for.

Recessed entrance and gate

modern fence adelaide  modern fence adelaide

We recommended a recessed entrance which is an attractive option and will depend on how much space you have. A fence and gate can be flush with the street or recessed/stepped into the property to create a defined entrance.

Finally, we added planter boxes to the recessed entrance, and the overall finished product was a stunningly simple concrete pillar fence, providing security and creating symmetry, function and beauty.

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