Natural, Heritage, Sleek? 5 Infill Ideas for Precast Concrete Pillar Fences

By caststone

matching concrete pillars

Selecting the infills of a precast concrete fence is a decision that is not only about the aesthetics of the fence but also about the function and purpose. While you’re deciding on what infill to choose, think about the following:

1. Privacy – how much privacy you want from the street
2. Security – whether you need to increase the security of your home
3. Streetscape – is there a requirement to blend with the streetscape?

Considering these questions determines the style of infill that you choose for your precast sandstone concrete pillar fence. Here are some ideas to help you along.

1. Natural, durable, environmentally friendly – brush fences

roll top brush between sandstone fence pillars  Roll Top Brush Fence  

Brush fences are often used in many older suburbs with heritage homes. They offer both privacy and function and they blend beautifully with tree-lined streets. They typically last between 30-40 years depending on how well they are maintained. They’re also effective for wind and noise protection.

2. A love of timber - for both traditional and modern homes

Timber Slat Privacy Fence  Modern Timber Design Contemporary Modern Timber Fence Design Stepped

Timber brings the warm and natural element to buildings. Timber panels can be cut to solid panels or slats fitted to size and stained to match features of the home.

3. For privacy – filled in fences

matching concrete pillars  matching concrete pillars  modern fence design

If you need more privacy and security, you might like to consider fences with a solid infill. Solid infills can be made of stonework, or coloured concrete to match the home.

Another option is timber or Aluminium Colourbond slats that are installed close together to provide privacy. Brush fence infills are also a good alternative for privacy if you like a natural look.

4. Sleek and modern panels – horizontal or vertical

alumium slats  Aluminium Slats    Stained Wooden Slats  

Aluminium Colourbond panels have become popular due to their longevity and colour matching features. Panels can be installed both vertically and horizontally, with spacing as required. The narrower the spacing between panels the more privacy you have. So it depends on how much visibility you want to the street.

5. Metal for clean lines and visibility to the street

Square Columns New Build 8146  matching concrete pillars  matching concrete pillars  

There are many options for metal infills. Tubular fencing and aluminium infills provide variations for heritage, modern or traditional homes. Aluminium Cast or Tubular fencing is ideal for homes by the sea and has a longer life when powder coated. Aluminium infills come in many different designs or can be custom-made if you have a specific design in mind.

Precast concrete pillar fence infills – call CastStone to start designing your fence today

CastStone in Adelaide will design and manufacture precast concrete pillar fencing along with the infills of your choice and deliver Australia wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and regional areas. Our friendly team helps our clients develop beautiful fences, the planning of each fence is the most important part. We have a myriad of choices for both sandstone concrete pillar styles and infills and there are many small details that we take into account when designing a fence with clients.

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