5 Reasons to Use Precast Concrete for a Sandstone Fence

By caststone

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CastStone have been manufacturing Precast sandstone concrete fencing for more than 34 years and now ship their products all over Australia. Precast concrete sandstone is a mix of sand and cement along with other conglomerates to create a smooth, natural and durable product.

If you are exploring your fencing options at the moment, then have a good look at the range of customisable and modular pillars, columns, trims and letterboxes that CastStone make. There are designs for all styles of homes, modern and traditional, commercial dwellings, and property developments. Precast concrete sandstone is a great fencing choice for the following reasons:

It is durable and will last as long as any natural stone – a long time! Over time it will age like any stone and its natural characteristics will be enhanced.

It is ideal for undulating terrain or landscapes that are challenging to work with. Concrete fence pillars, caps and footings can be stepped up or down to flow with the property, designed and installed on almost any landscape.

It is customisable. You can make a precast concrete sandstone fence uniquely yours by choosing your own base, shaft, cap and trim. Pillars and columns can be cut to various heights and lengths. Even though there are many pre-designed options available, by using CastStone’s modular system to design your own pillar fence, it will be unique. You can also choose your own infill to suit the style of your home. If there isn’t a design to match your home exactly, then CastStone will create one.

You can choose your colour. You can match to the paint colour of your home or you can leave it in its natural state and let it age gracefully with time.

It provides security. A concrete fence can be as high or low as you like. Most concrete fences we install are at least 1.5 meters high providing security and also creating a beautiful street presence even for a home that may be smaller.

CastStone freights precast concrete pillars, precast concrete columns and concrete letterboxes to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania and regional areas of Australia. The packing, delivery and freight is arranged by CastStone and we advise our clients post delivery to make sure installation is done correctly.

Call CastStone today on 08 8244 4888 to start putting ideas together for your fence. If you are in Adelaide, pop into our showroom in Albert Park, which has an extensive range of our products on display. We look forward to providing some inspiring ideas for your concrete fence.

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