The Perfect Fence for Larger Properties

By caststone

Concrete Pillar Fence

A fence will ultimately frame a home and will either add to its presence or detract from it. A larger property needs a fence that is in balance with the home. Many of our clients with either larger land sizes, or homes, have chosen a sandstone pillar fence because it compliments and balances the home and land. Sandstone pillar fences have stature and beauty along with excellent security.

One of our lovely clients Robyn, has a large two storey home with a fair amount of land surrounding it. The challenge for her was to find a fence that provided security but also good street presence. So it had to be a fence that would not be dwarfed by the size of the home and land. The sandstone fence that she chose ticked all the boxes. We provided design assistance so that the fence created an overall sense of balance with the home. There were some hurdles for us to jump with the land size and undulating levels of the property, but after a few consultations and discussion with the local council, we installed a fence that was perfect for the home.

Another one of our clients, Tricia, has a beautiful sunny home in Brighton built in 1910. The property needed a fence that would suit the heritage style. It had a brush fence which meant very little street presence and a sense of being boxed in. Tricia wanted to open up the house more to the street whilst keeping part of the brush fence for some privacy. The new fence had to compliment the existing brush fence, the traditional style and the size of the home. 

After consultation with the local council, we installed a taller version of our sandstone pillar fences with metal work infills. The result is a magnificent looking property that is framed in proportion to its size. The feedback we have had from Tricia is that passers-by remark on how great the fence looks. See the photos below. If you have a larger home or land size that needs a fence for beauty and security, call us for a chat.

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