A Concrete Letterbox – The Herald to Your Property!

By caststone

7299  Blackwood Letterbox & Matching Pillar On Pathway Entrance (1)

A letterbox is not just a container for your mail, it is so much more than that. You can opt for a design that makes a statement and stands out or one that blends in nicely and complements your home. Either way, it still tells a story about your abode.

A letterbox is both a functional element of your home and in the words of Michelle at CastStone, it is the “herald” to your property, and a complement to the style of your home and garden!

At CastStone we have been creating precast concrete letterboxes for more than 30 years, for modern and traditional or heritage style homes. Letterboxes bring structure and beauty to any landscape and building.

CastStone Concrete Letterboxes are around one metre tall and maintain design rules to keep consistent with the architectural style of the property. Each one of our designs is created with proper design principals in mind.

Let’s look at concrete letterbox options.

  1. Colour – match the colour of your home or opt for a natural finish. Our letterboxes come in precast sandstone and can be sealed as they are, or painted to the colour of your choice.
  2. Address Plate – a laser cut address plate in stainless steel or a powder coated finish?
  3. Letter Slot size - standard or A4?
  4. Do you want a “No Junk Mail” sign?
  5. Paper ring – concrete letterboxes come with a paper ring for easy storage of your newspapers or junk mail.

All CastStone concrete letterboxes are postman friendly, lockable and post office approved. They can be installed by CastStone or if you are happy to DIY, then we provide a full set of instructions for you to roll up your sleeves and install it yourself.

Call CastStone to discuss what type of concrete letterbox you need for your building. You can either pop into our showroom and chat with our team or browse our photos online. We freight our products across Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

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