A Concrete Pillar Fence Increased The Value Of This Brisbane Home

By caststone

5005  Tennyson25056 22 Burilda St, Hendra  Qld P4 Base, Winchester Shaft P4 Cap, Wall & 159 Capping (2)

Not just any fence will do. Sometimes you need a concrete pillar fence to give your home that extra little bit of pizzazz.

The right fence creates the right impression, balances the home and the property size and finishes it off so that the home looks complete.

This has a significant impact on the value of your home when it comes to resale.

We recently shipped a precast concrete fence up to Brisbane, after planning, designing and getting council approvals, all from Adelaide. Our client had a picket fence which was cute but just did not have the right appeal nor did it complement the solid contemporary home they had purchased.

5004  Tennyson25056 22 Burilda St, Hendra  Qld P4 Base, Winchester Shaft P4 Cap, Wall & 159 Capping (2)

Technology enables us to work with clients in Brisbane

The client was referred to us by one of our Brisbane affiliates and contacted us in Adelaide to discuss a new fence. Using Google Maps, along with photos that were emailed, we were able to understand the streetscape, land size, and other features unique to this property and street. From our office in Adelaide, we designed a fence with the right dimensions, style and street appeal.

The home is situated on a long narrower block, close to the boundary line. So it needed precast concrete fence pillars that did not dominate the home’s size, but stood in balance with it. So we chose the P4 Series of concrete pillars with a P4 Base, a Winchester shaft and a P4 cap, in total it measured approximately 1500cms high.

This concrete pillar fence also had to incorporate a stainless letterbox and a paper ring, so the shaft pillar has been made slightly smaller to accommodate the paper ring, so that it would not cut into the pattern of the shaft. It is these sort of details that CastStone pays attention resulting in beautiful looking fences that are in proportion and complementary to the home.

5003 Hendra QLD

Customise the overall look of your precast concrete pillar fence

With this range of precast concrete fence pillars, you are able to customise the overall look of the precast pillar. For example, you can choose a longer or shorter shaft, along with a high or low cap and you can also opt for design detail on the shaft or choose a plain option.

Precast concrete pillars are durable and do not require maintenance. They can be painted to to match the colour of your home, or they can also be left as they are to age naturally, as in this particular fence.

CastStone’s friendly team work with many clients in Brisbane to design and install precast concrete pillar fences. Even with the freight costs, our prices are competitive.

We have been installing precast concrete pillar fences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and regional towns across Australia. With more than 30 years experience, we know what works. Call our friendly team on 08 8244 4888 to discuss your fence design.

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