A Custom Concrete Pillar Fence for a Four-Townhouse Development

By caststone

Townhouse Precast Concrete Fence

CastStone was recently commissioned to install a concrete pillar fence for a multi-dwelling property at the new WEST development situated in the beautiful suburb of West Lakes.

Many of us have fond memories of Footy Park in West Lakes. Mostly a footy game but sometimes a rock concert, it has been an iconic Adelaide destination for a long time. It is now the site of a new home development project called WEST which will provide hundreds of homeowners an opportunity to live in a brand new community in the prestigious location of West Lakes.

CastStone has worked on many commercial fencing projects for residential developments. The team at CastStone will design concrete pillar fences to suit the specifications and style of the buildings. If we don’t have a concrete fence to match, we will custom make a new mould.

In the case of the development at WEST, there were 4 townhouses needing a concrete fence with letterboxes. We had limited space to work with and the project required a fence that created a frame for the development, incorporated letterboxes but was also streamlined with a slim profile to work with the narrowing boundaries of the land plot.

The CastStone team worked with the architects and builders to develop the design which had 200mms wide letterboxes and fence pillars that maintained a bold appearance but were narrow enough to fit the property.

The delivery time frame from the initial call from the client, to installation of the fence was only 5 working days – an incredible feat from the CastStone team! The client was ecstatic.

The development was a Scott Salisbury Homes design and the fencing contractor was Retaining Walls and Fencing Direct who commissioned CastStone to do the concrete pillar fence and letterboxes.

Call CastStone today to discuss your development project, if we don’t have a mould to suit your design, we will custom make one that is perfect for your project.

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