A Fence is Not Just a Fence – a Delightful Addition to this Adelaide Villa

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8735 Blog A Fence is Not Just a Fence – a Delightful Addition to this Adelaide Villa

This lovely Adelaide Villa made a stunning transformation with a beautiful but simple heritage concrete pillar fence that completed the home and significantly added to its street presence.

The owners were planning their daughter’s wedding at home, so they had a pressing deadline to meet. They wanted a fence that would frame their property, enhance the home’s heritage beauty and create a grand street presence.

It was a clear specification and brief, and all the trades worked together to make this a reality - the CastStone team, the concreters, pavers, electricians and the gardeners. We enjoyed this particular project immensely as the owner was collaborative, clear on his vision and understood the many elements that had to come together to create a stunning fence such as this one.

Planning, council approval and neighbour needs all had to be managed. CastStone provides a one stop shop service and we manage and coordinate the entire project from start to finish.

8733 Blog A Fence is Not Just a Fence – a Delightful Addition to this Adelaide Villa 8734 Blog A Fence is Not Just a Fence – a Delightful Addition to this Adelaide Villa

The 250 Pillar series were chosen to match the villa’s roofline

The pillars chosen matched the roofline of this Adelaide villa, we used the 250 pillars with the classic flat capitals. The pillar shaft was a more traditional design with a simple carving and was painted in two tones to match the era and colours of the home.

Everything a fence could need – pillars, a designed tubular infill, automation

We are passionate about creating perfect fences that suit lifestyle, design and purpose. This fence had it all, the perfect pillar size and design with an integrated letterbox and intercom, a beautiful spacious tubular infill that leaned toward simplicity instead of complexity, and full recessed automation to allow the driveway gates to swing open.

Pre-planning is key to the successful installation of a beautiful fence

As we have always told our customers, our important work is in the planning phase . We work with our clients to clearly understand what sort of fence they want to create for their home, even if initially they have very little idea. We help them create a style and design, and together we proceed to make this a reality.

Rosemary White, owner of CastStone, says, the planning phase is what makes the end result perfect.
“These are the things I look for every time I approach a new property to design a sandstone pillar fence:

• How far the house is set back from the boundary.
• Framing the house by getting the driveway and boundary pillars to be in line with corners and lines.
• The features of the building behind the sandstone fence, we want to design a fence that complements the building.”

Call the team at CastStone and be inspired with fence ideas for your Adelaide Villa

Call the team at CastStone today and be inspired by the many precast sandstone concrete fences that we have created over the last 30 years for villas around Adelaide. There are many fence examples, installations and photos to view at our display centre on 950 Port Road, Albert Park. Or call us for a no obligation chat with our friendly team on 08 8244 4888.

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