A One Stop Shop Service for Concrete Pillar Fences

By caststone

Fence for Larger Property

Building a quality fence around your home for beauty and security requires planning, design and council approval.

Our clients want a beautiful fence that compliments their home, and often do not realise the planning effort required to install it. This is where we help. We have twenty-five years experience dealing with challenging sites, working with council requirements, fussy neighbors and heritage building restrictions.

Ingrid who has a lovely basket-range home in Adelaide, wanted a sandstone pillar fence to suit her traditional home as well as providing security. The land was particularly tricky with variations and different levels. So the foundations for this fence were particularly important to make sure they would support a fence that lined up with the boundary of the house. With our consultation, design services, and experienced staff, the result is a fence that ticks all the boxes: traditional, secure and a beautiful compliment to the home.

Another of our clients, David, who has a contemporary home, chose our simple and elegant sandstone pillars with minimal design , created specifically for modern homes. David’s property was also undulating so we were met with similar challenges to Ingrid. After working with council and determining the best design, we installed the fence three weeks later. The home had been without a fence for a few years and now looks complete as well as secure. See our photos above.

When you purchase a concrete pillar fence from CastStone, rest assured that we will provide you with a one stop shop service. When installing a fence, there are many factors to consider. The layout and levels of your land, obtaining council approval, designing the right fence for the style of your home and pulling together all the trades required for a professional and well finished job. We do all of this for you at CastStone. Call us today for a chat with one of our consultants.

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