A Precast Sandstone Concrete Pillar Fence for a Queenslander in Brisbane

By caststone

queenslander fence

The quintessential Queenslander brings visions of hot humid summers where all creatures great and small are navigating toward the shade under the home on stilts – anything from crickets and cicadas to snakes and goannas. Big verandahs that wrap around the home provide shade for families and airy, light-filled rooms with large windows mean ventilation throughout the house.

These beautiful and functional homes ideally suited to their hot and humid environment will often have a picket fence to frame the home, in keeping with the home’s construction of timber and iron. However, a precast sandstone concrete pillar fence is a stunning alternative that will also give your Queenslander home a difference.

Precast sandstone concrete is a combination of sandstone and concrete to create a durable and weatherproof finish

There are many styles and sizes that you can use to create a custom look for your concrete fence. For Queenslanders, we would recommend the 250 range of pillars which is a bigger and more impressive range to suit the grandeur of Queensland homes.

Sandstone pillars accentuate the formal pathway and entrance to a Queenslander home

Sandstone pillars bring a touch of glamour and accentuate the grand entrances of these homes. The perfect pillars will sit on each side of your entrance and create a sense of “we’ve arrived” as you walk into your home – what a lovely way to welcome your guests!

With sandstone pillar fences, you can pick and choose the base, shaft and cap to suit your home’s style. So you can opt for a simple, modern look or a historical and traditional look.

Precast sandstone concrete pillar fences are well suited to Brisbane’s climate

Our precast products are a combination of sandstone and concrete. We have been manufacturing them for the Australian marketplace for over 30 years, and we ship our products across Australia. They have many benefits for all climates, but in Brisbane specifically they have the following:

- They are durable and weatherproof - they can handle very wet conditions, salt and flooding
- There are a range of fence infills to choose from. For Queenslanders, a picket fence style infill or aluminium slats will be in keeping with the home’s design
- They can be painted to match the home or left to naturally age and weather with time
- They can be customised in shape, size and design – historical and contemporary
- You can add a letterbox that integrates nicely with the fence

We freight Australia wide to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Regional towns

CastStone install fences across Australia and even with the freight costs, our prices are still competitive.

We are here to help you create the perfect fence for your Queenslander, so consider precast sandstone concrete as a way to create a distinct and elegant difference to your home. Please call our friendly team on (08) 8244 4888 for a no obligation chat to start getting some ideas about your new fence.

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