A Stunningly Simple Transformation to an Adelaide Cottage

By caststone

8821 Blog A Stunningly Simple Transformation to an Adelaide Cottage

The façade of this cottage was totally transformed with some creative thinking. Without affecting the existing structure, this clever design brought old and new together seamlessly, using the existing fence and adding precast concrete pillars. The result was a beautiful fence in keeping with the era of the cottage and a distinctive entrance, giving the house much more street appeal.

The original fence was stepped as you can see in the pictures below with a fairly obscure entrance. The client wanted to keep the existing fence in the new design, so we added two 400 x 400 precast concrete minimalist pillars with flat capitals, and raised the rest of the fence to make it even. A steel infill in red was chosen to match the window awnings.

The owner who is an architect, was able to visualise how to make old and new work together. We were thrilled with how a simple design change such as this could make such as difference to a home’s façade.

4206 Blog A Stunningly Simple Transformation to an Adelaide Cottage 4205 Blog A Stunningly Simple Transformation to an Adelaide Cottage 8824 Blog A Stunningly Simple Transformation to an Adelaide Cottage

A brilliant facelift to an old cottage with precast concrete pillars

CastStone have worked with many home owners to design precast concrete pillar fences that improve the home’s street presence and increase the value of their home.

Our precast concrete pillars come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit modern and contemporary homes as well as heritage and traditional. You can customise your design by choosing a different base, shaft and capital to suit your project.

Selecting the correct base size, pillar height and capital is the difference between a fence that complements your home or dominates it. It is essential that the right dimensions are chosen. With years of experience, we assess your home and property size and its features, and we advise the dimensions based on this. Our planning process is very detailed and we take the time to asses all aspects of designing the right fence for your home.

Here is a summary of the range of pillar designs and applications:

Traditional Designs

The P series – often used for traditional homes, with several interchangeable parts
The 230 series – a smaller footprint ideal for smaller homes or properties and a simpler shaft design
The 250 series – these are larger and suit many heritage homes with an attractive shaft design
The 350 series – the most substantial of our traditional pillars that suit larger properties

Modern designs

The Minimalist series – modern and low profile, plain shaft, ideal for modern homes
Quoins – stack on top of one another to the height you want, adds a little more interest to contemporary homes but also work for traditional homes

adelaide cottage fence

Letterboxes, memorials, open air pergolas and more

We manufacture precast concrete pillars, concrete columns for verandas and pergolas, letterboxes for modern and traditional homes, and we have a range of trims and other options to complete a style and design.

Visit our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park to see many samples of our pillars, columns, letterboxes and other products on display.

We freight Australia wide and design precast concrete fences with clients on the phone and via email, and a local installer completes the work. We deliver fences all over Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and regional areas. We are competitively priced with including freight charges. No matter where you are located, give the friendly team at CastStone a call to start designing your fence ideas on 08 8244 4888.

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