A Sydney Bungalow says “Welcome” with a Sandstone Concrete Pillar Fence

By caststone

Sydney Bungalow After Copy

A well planned and chosen fence does much more than just create a boundary, it changes your home’s street appeal and how it is perceived by your visitors. In the case of this Sydney bungalow, the sandstone concrete pillar fence created a more welcoming entrance.

The owners of this delightful bungalow knew the home just needed a little something extra for better street presence. After doing some research and investigating fences made of timber, metal and concrete, they called the team at CastStone to explore fence ideas with sandstone concrete pillars.

A well-planned fence adds value to your home and increases resale

The right fence adds street presence and increases the value of your home, so investing in this is a wise use of your budget.

This bungalow had a direct pathway leading to the front door with gardens on either side – but this wasn’t quite enough. The owners wanted two simple pillars that framed the pathway to the house.

The sandstone concrete pillars we chose were the P Series which range in height from 1.34m to 2.2m and are customisable, you can choose from 3 different base styles, 8 different shaft styles and 6 different capitals. One of the pillars has an integrated letterbox with a stainless steel newspaper ring.

Sydney Bungalow Before Sydney Bungalow After Copy

We freight Australia-wide to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and More

We freight to all cities in Australia as well as to regional areas and our prices are still competitive. Today with online maps and email we are able to assist our clients in choosing the best sandstone concrete pillar fence for their property. With over 30 years developing precast sandstone products such as fence pillars, letterboxes and memorials, the right fence for your home is just a phone call away with CastStone.

Call the team at CastStone today on (08) 8244 4888 and give your home the street appeal it deserves.

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