A Touch of Tuscan Romance - an Open Air Pergola, Vines and Fairy Lights

By AMG CastStone

concrete columns

Winter or summer, this open air pergola brought a touch of Tuscany to the backyard of this home, extending the living space to the outdoors. The owners wanted a place to enjoy afternoons having lunch with friends and family, a glass of wine in the early evenings or a cup of coffee on a cool winter's morning. In Adelaide, we use our outdoors spaces for at least nine months of the year, making an outdoor structure like this a good investment.

We have designed, manufactured and installed many outdoor open air pergolas in large areas and small backyards with minimal space.

In this example, the owners wanted a classic structure with creeping vines protecting from the sun or wind, and fairy lights threaded through the vines. We had a narrow backyard to work with so we took up essentially the entire space, right up to the pathway, to create this romantic setting.

Four classic Doric precast concrete columns

We used four classic Doric precast concrete columns made of our precast sandstone concrete mix, and they were painted cream to colour match the home. You can see the difference between them in their natural colour (unpainted) as well as painted in the picture below. Our precast sandstone concrete columns and pillars can be left unpainted and left to age naturally and over time they take on the elements of their surrounds.

The four columns formed the basis for the rectangular structure, and decorative timber beams were laid across the top for the creepers to grow over. The columns were electrically wired for fairy lights as you can see from the progress photos, before the timber beams were laid.

The result was magical and added a beautiful dimension to this smaller backyard - a stunning and practical open-air pergola that can be enjoyed all year round.

concrete columns   concrete columns

Big or small backyard? There is an open-air pergola design that will suit you

Call CastStone to start creating your open-air pergola, there are many features you can choose from:

- Ornate bases
- Ornate or simple shafts
- Various widths and heights
- Combine with tubular steel or ironwork
- A range of lighting options that can be integrated

Together we’ll review the space you have suggest designs that will suit your home. Call us today on 1800 626 816 or visit our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park. We also freight Australia wide to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and regional areas around Australia.

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