A Wide Frontage with our Sizeable 350 Series Sandstone Concrete Pillars

By AMG CastStone

concrete columns

In our last blog we talked about open air pergolas using sandstone concrete columns. The same property extended this classic look to the fence which has a lovely wide street frontage and was able to carry a more substantial structure. The previous aluminium fence was not quite up to standard with the size and beauty of the property.

A fence that is able to meet certain elements of the property makes a positive difference to the value of your home - the size, layout, garden, undulation, era and streetscape – all of these elements are taken into account when designing a sandstone concrete fence to complement and complete a home.

concrete pillars  concrete columns

When a property is a larger one, we will often recommend the 350 series of Sandstone Concrete Pillars, which is the larger of our range. They have a 525 x 525 base and you can customise the shaft and caps to create a unique look for your home.

Features of the 350 Series Concrete Pillar

concrete columns  concrete columns  concrete columns 

• They are versatile – ideal for terrace homes, villas, Edwardian homes, bungalows, large estates, community buildings and commercial properties
• They are larger – creating a commanding stately presence
• They are customisable – choose from 8 different shafts and 4 different capitals
• They are durable - made of precast sandstone concrete which lasts a lifetime
• You can colour match your property or they can be left to naturally age
• They work with many fencing infill styles including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, brush or timber/aluminium slats

Add customised fence infills, lights, intercoms and decorative address plates

The entrance was framed by two large pillars with an integrated intercom and downlights installed on the pillars. The infill chosen was a traditional tubular design and an electric gate was installed. We can look after all of the additional extras for you as part of our one stop shop service.

CastStone is a one stop shop for fencing – design to installation

The team at CastStone will help you from designing your concrete pillar fence, to planning, council approval and finally installation. During our planning phase we work your needs, the streetscape, and take into account neighbourhood and council requirements.

Rosemary White, owner of CastStone, takes an approach of measure twice, cut once. Taking care during the planning phase makes all the difference to the end result.

“These are the things I look for every time I approach a new property to design a sandstone fence: How far the house is set back from the boundary; Framing the house by getting the driveway and boundary pillars to be in line with corners and lines; The features of the building behind the sandstone fence, we want to design a fence that complements the building.”

Call CastStone today – we freight Australia-wide

We freight Australia wide to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and regional areas in Australia and including freight costs, our prices are still competitive. Call the friendly team at CastStone today on 1800 626 816 to discuss using concrete sandstone ideas for fences, open air pergolas, letterboxes and more.

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