An Outdoor Eating Area at Sunrise Bakery in Angaston

By caststone

8614 Blog An Outdoor Eating Area at Sunrise Bakery in Angaston

The popular Sunrise Bakery in Angaston with its many sweet and savoury delights, extended their dining area to the outdoors with a precast concrete pillar fence. Now you can enjoy their wonderful food while sitting outside in the sunshine and watching passers-by.

We helped to design a fence that would suit the historical streetscape of Angaston while enhancing the bakery’s street presence.

The P series sandstone concrete pillar fence has interchangeable parts

The owners chose a precast sandstone concrete pillar fence constructed with the P Series pillars, our versatile range of pillars with interchangeable parts. They can be customised with capitals, bases and shafts to suit the era and style of your property. In this case, the Sunrise Bakery chose a 430x430 base, with a rectangular insert design for a more traditional style, and a moderately pointed capital of 130 mm high.

They also added black corners to the bases for practical reasons, to camouflage dings and chips from prams and general traffic. But they also brought the black trim into the pillar shaft itself to make it more uniform.

We designed their address plate, with the logo on one of the entrance pillars and the bakery name on the other, using laser cut engraved plates that were powder-coated in black to match the fence.

8612 Blog An Outdoor Eating Area at Sunrise Bakery in Angaston  8613 Blog An Outdoor Eating Area at Sunrise Bakery in Angastone

The fence infills match the pillar style and colour combination

Fence infills for precast concrete pillars can be tubular steel, aluminium, brush or timber slats. In this case a black tubular steel infill was chosen to match the traditional style of the fence. The simple straight bar across the top with a cross design was an ideal choice for this fence style.

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