Anzac Day Memorials made of Precast Sandstone Concrete - A Tribute to Digger the War Dog

By caststone

war memorial concrete

CastStone’s precast sandstone concrete is used to create many products and adapted for new ones - ornate house and gate pillars, integrated letterboxes, contemporary or traditional concrete pillar fences and war memorials.

In the spirit of Anzac, we are dedicating this week’s blog to Digger the War Dog who is peacefully resting at the West Croydon and Kilkenny RSL Club.

The story of Digger the War Dog

Digger was a dark brown and white bulldog who set sail on a ship from Melbourne with his owner Sergeant James Harold Martin, and stayed by his side during his 3.5 years through some of the worst battles in Gallipoli and the Western Front. He lived in Hindmarsh after he returned with a courageous and inspiring story of his time during World War 1.

Digger had been wounded and gassed at Pozieres in 1916, shot in the jaw, losing three teeth, was blinded in the right eye and made deaf in the left ear. He was known to take food to wounded soldiers stranded in no man’s land and return with handwritten messages. And he survived all this to return back to Adelaide where he lived the rest of his life.

There was even a children’s book dedicated to Digger the War Dog that you can buy for your kids or grandkids. 

Digger the war dog

Digger’s War Memorial made of Precast Sandstone Concrete

For this particular memorial, we adapted our current precast sandstone concrete moulds to create Digger’s memorial using our precast sandstone mix, leaving it to age naturally. Our products can also be painted for a smooth finish in any colour that you require but in the case of Digger, we left it nice and natural.

Digger will be remembered for many years to come. His life of service is heartfelt and inspiring and makes us remember that our furry friends and indeed much more than just pets. They are valuable companions and sometimes our best friends.

For any project where you may need some custom ideas, please call our friendly team at CastStone on (08) 8244 4888 and we will help your creation come to life, as we did with Digger’s memorial.

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