Before and After With a New Concrete Pillar Fence

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Have a look at the transformation of this home that used to have an old, cracked and tired fence. It came alive with a new concrete pillar fence and completely changed the home's street appeal and the boosted the enthusiasm of the owners to create a beautiful garden!

If you are thinking about a new fence for your home or property, you will have come across many different styles of fences - brush fences, picket fences, timber fences and many more. However, after 30 years of installing concrete pillar fences, we have seen them stand the test of time not just from a durability perspective, but also from a design perspective. Concrete pillar fences specifically designed for your home provide years of beauty, style and function. They are ideal for modern, traditional and heritage homes.

CastStone products are made of a conglomerate of sandstone, concrete and other materials to create a textured finish. This means you can paint them the same colour as your home and create a lovely textured finish in the colour of your choice, or leave them to naturally age. Their durability comes from the conglomerate we use so that they remain structurally intact over many years.

Before – cracked and tired concrete pillar fences bring down the street appeal as well as your mood!

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We create beautiful fences that frame a home perfectly whilst keeping the streetscape in mind. We believe measure twice and cut once, in other words, we pay great attention to the design and consultation phase with our clients to make sure that the fence’s dimensions – the width and height of the concrete pillars - suit the home.

You can customise your concrete fence through choosing the base, shaft and cap in designs to reflect a modern era or a traditional heritage era. There are many designs to choose from so your fence will end up looking uniquely yours.


We have a substantial range of different concrete fence pillar styles to suit both modern or traditional home, commercial and residential developments. From our P Series with concrete pillars that are smaller in footprint for smaller properties to the grand 350 series concrete pillars for larger homes, there is a style that you can customise for your property’s features.

Depending on the boundary lines, the streetscape and the size of your property, we would help you create a fence that frames it perfectly, taking into account the slope of your land, neighbouring fences, the streetscape and the footpath and any other unique features of your landscape.


A fence provides security and protection and we can help you with gate automation and fence infills that can be chosen for privacy and screening purposes. Brush and timber slats provide maximum screening whereas aluminium infills provide a stylish look to suit the era of the home.

Gates can swing or slide depending on how much room you have. The remotes for your gates can be integrated with your garage so you only have one remote to use.

These are all services that we provide at CastStone as part of what we do. We work with council to get correct approvals and manage your entire fence planning and installation process from beginning to end. 

After – a new concrete pillar fence transforms the entire property.

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The team at CastStone will help you give your home the best facelift you can in the most affordable way, call us today on 1800 626 816 for a no obligation chat.

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