CastStone’s Precast Concrete Pillar Fences for the Lightsview Development

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lightsview stone pillar fence

CastStone is a leading supplier of precast concrete pillar fences to the Lightsview development in Adelaide since this award-winning housing estate was established.

Lightsview was created in April 2016 incorporating parts of Northgate, Northfield and Greenacres. It has won several awards for its innovative and lifestyle oriented urban design and architecture that promotes the wellbeing of its residents.

These include,
• Homes that are developed for maximum winter warmth and summer shade
• An appealing and diverse streetscape
• Public open spaces and wide footpaths and streets to create a sense of space
• Every dwelling is located within 300 metres of a landscaped park
• Bus routes through the development to encourage the use of public transport

We are proud to have been asked to contribute to this innovative development with our precast concrete pillar fences, a very important job that makes an instant street impression!

Precast concrete pillar fences suit the modern urban landscape of Lightsview

One of the requirements of buying a home in the Lightsview estate is that you must have a precast concrete pillar fences to maintain the modern urban streetscape. The council are attentive to people’s individual needs but are also mindful of keeping Lightsview fresh and modern, hence the mandatory requirements of a precast concrete pillar fence.

The team at CastStone know the council requirements and encumbrances in detail and help the locals develop beautiful fences that suit their home, their style and still meet the requirements of the council and neighbourhood.

Here are some examples of the precast concrete pillar fences we have installed at Lightsview.

lightsview stone pillar fence  lightsview stone pillar fence  lightsview stone pillar fence

CastStone’s Minimalist Precast Concrete Pillars

We predominantly used the Minimalist range of concrete pillars for Lightsview fences because they have the following features, they are:

- Modern and contemporary profile
- Variable in height
- Versatile – they have plain or traditional capitals or can be integrated with our Quoins
- Durable - made of precast sandstone concrete
- Colour matched – they can be left to naturally age, or can be painted the same colour as your home.

Call CastStone today to start designing your Precast Concrete Fence

We have been manufacturing precast concrete pillar fences for more than 30 years so we know what councils in Adelaide need to be able to approve your desired fence. We understand finicky neighbours, council restrictions and streetscape responsibility – it’s all part of our planning process.

Call us on 1800 626 816 and we’ll help you get started.

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