Concrete Pillar Fence Ideas for a Brisbane Queenslander Home – Before and After

By caststone

Queenslander Fence After

Precast concrete pillar fences may not be the first style of fence that pops into your mind when you are deciding on a fence for your Queenslander home, but it is definitely one to consider. Our beautiful sandstone concrete pillars have graced many Queenslander homes and given them a substantial facelift too.

In this example of a before and after picture, you can see how a precast concrete pillar fence is used instead of the traditional timber posts to frame this Queenslander home. We used our minimalist concrete pillar range with flat caps and timber vertical slats to blend in with the home.

You can choose from a variety of bases, pillars and caps depending on the result you want. We will help you design and choose the perfect style of fence. You want a base, pillar and cap combination that creates style and complements without taking away from the natural beauty of your Queenslander home.

Queenslander Fence Before  Queenslander Fence After

With the vast range at CastStone, we will find the perfect custom-looking concrete pillar fence for the result you want

We have a range of fence infills such as cast aluminium, aluminium or timber slats as the example above shows. Our precast sandstone concrete fences are made of a conglomerate of concrete and sandstone along with a few other secret ingredients to make these products durable and still looking beautiful for many years to come.

The result is a more substantial looking fence that is solid and stately, creating more of a street presence, excellent for those homes that need a bit of “grand-ifying”!.

The other great benefit of precast sandstone concrete pillars is that you can paint them any colour

They can be painted the exact colour of your home or they can be left to age naturally with time, taking in some of the character of their surrounds. You can also seal them using a good quality concrete sealer so that they always have a smooth and neat finish.

Call our friendly team on 08 8244 4888 or 1800 626 816 to start exploring ideas for your Queenslander home today. We freight Australia wide and even with our freight costs, we are cost competitive.

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