Concrete Pillars - A Stately Pool Fence for a Stately Home

By caststone

pool fence

As beautiful as frameless glass fences can look around pools, sometimes they are not quite enough, especially for a larger modern home or a home that has more heritage or traditional appeal.

We have used concrete pillars together with glass panels to create stunning and stately pool fences, that will match a larger home on larger property, and bring that extra detail that frames and defines a pool area or a pool house.

Pool Fences for Modern Homes

In the example below, we used our minimalist concrete pillars with a flat capital (top) for an overall simple modern look. The height of the pillars is variable and would be determined by the size of the pool and backyard.

The minimalist concrete pillars are customisable. You can change the height from between 0.5-1.75 metres in height and choose from a variety of different capital from completely flat to slightly pointed. Each variation to detail will create a different result, so each detail is an important decision.

pool fence pool fence

Pool Fences for Heritage or Traditional Homes

The P Series of concrete pillars is are one of our more versatile ranges in heritage and traditional styles. If you are creating a Tuscan style pool retreat, a Roman style bath house, a British colonial pool area or something inspired by Versailles, our selection of concrete pillars will help to make your vision come to life.

The P Series vary in height from 1.3-2.2 metres, you can choose from a variety of shaft designs and from six styles of capitals – low or high pointed.

Match to the colour of your home or leave to age naturally

Our sandstone concrete pillars can be left to age naturally, creating a rustic look over time, absorbing the elements of the surrounds so they become a natural part of the landscape, or they can be painted to exactly match a particular colour.

If you leave them to age naturally they can be sealed and this will help them stay more consistent in their natural colour. However, the sandstone concrete combination used in our products along with some other materials make them durable and long lasting just as they are without the need to seal.

Let’s get creative with pool fence ideas

Call the CastStone team on 1800 626 816 or drop into our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park. Our friendly team will help inspire you with ideas for your pool fence or pool house.

We freight Australia wide and even with our freight costs, our prices are still competitive. With more than 30 years creating stunning concrete pillar fences for pools and homes, we will help you create a pool fence that is a perfect complement to your home and back yard.

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