Lighting the Way to Your Home – 5 Ideas on Using Lights for Sandstone Concrete Pillars

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W hether your home is heritage, traditional or modern, there are various ways to use lighting with your precast sandstone concrete pillar fence to illuminate your home’s entrance, pathways or gates.

Here are five examples to inspire you with ideas and questions that we are here to answer!

Traditional style coach lamps

Some traditional homes lend themselves to a more romantic style of lighting so the owners chose two  P Series concrete pillars  with a coach lamp on top of the capital to frame an entrance. Concrete pillars work well with brush fencing to create entrances or to define the fence’s start and end.

Here’s another example with the larger 350 precast sandstone concrete pillar range using coach lights for added traditional appeal.

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Heritage pillars with integrated lighting

This heritage home opted for integrated lighting, so flat LED lights were added to the 350 Series, the larger of our concrete pillars. These downward facing LED lights illuminate the security pad and house number, subtle but effective at night.

CastStone 350 series sandstone gate fence pillar 3940

Modern home with cylindrical stainless steel lighting

The Minimalist concrete pillar range is suited to modern and contemporary homes because of their simple lines. They come in various sizes and widths. This entrance is framed by two minimalist pillars with one light over the security pad that matches the rest of the lighting on the house itself.

concrete pillar lighting  concrete pillar lighting

Classic lighting framing automated gates

We used a traditional concrete pillar, the 350 range, for this classic home. Adding lights to the top of the pillars makes a grander statement which this house carries well.

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Simple round lights on concrete pillars

The 250 series of sandstone concrete pillars is suited to larger residences as well. This entrance also uses simple round lights to illuminate the way to the property.

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Many more lighting options are available for sandstone concrete pillar fences

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