Precast Concrete Pillars for Heritage Buildings

By caststone

350 Square Tapered Columns1

Heritage or traditional buildings require fencing that is in keeping with the style of the era it was inspired by. The wonderful benefit of precast concrete fences , which are made of a conglomerate of concrete, sandstone and other products to create a smooth finish, is that we have great creative license to create a unique look and feel.

In our range you will find enough diversity and flexibility to create a unique statement for the fence of your heritage home or building. It is likely we will have a mould to suit your style, but if we don’t, we can create a new one.

Our precast concrete pillar fences come in a natural sandstone finish or can be painted with your choice of colour.

The P Series – Adaptable, Versatile
These are adaptable and versatile and are available between 1.5-2.5 metres high. They are a wonderful complement to many heritage style homes because of their simple clean lines with enough detail to suit the era. The base can be changed on this pillar to provide a different look depending on the building style.

The 230 Series – Classical, Compact
These are the narrowest and most compact of our pillars and work very well in limited spaces – smaller properties, subdivisions and urban developments. These pillars have a clean classical look which makes them versatile. You can add them to heritage, traditional homes, bungalows and modern contemporary homes.

The 250 Series – Traditional, Flexible
For a statement! These pillars are substantial and suit larger residences or urban developments. They also suit a smaller home that needs a larger façade. Their design is flexible so you can choose between different caps and bases to create a unique fence for your building.

The 350 Series - Magnificent, Commanding
For a very grand fence! These pillars are our most substantial creating quite a statement and framing large properties beautifully. We have created fences for 100+ year old homes and grand old residences using this style of pillar and the result is spectacular. See our photos for ideas.

Infill Ideas
There are various types of infills you can use, maybe even more than you had anticipated. We can help you with ideas on infills to suit the pillars and the style of building. Infills can be tubular steel, ornate cast aluminum, aluminum or wooden slats and traditional brush.

Call CastStone today on 08 8244 4888 to start designing the ideal fence for your heritage building. We can design the fence online and we freight all over Australia. If you are in Adelaide, visit us in our showroom at Albert Park.

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