Sandstone Fence for a Corner Block

By caststone

Sandstone Pillar Fence

This beautiful, traditional 1910 Villa, is situated on a corner block and installing a concrete fence was in keeping with the traditional style of the home.

The concrete fence wrapped around the corner block and during the design process, we explored many options about where to place the gate and entry point. It is always the easiest option to place it somewhere in the middle of the fence itself, but in this case, reviewing the dimensions and era of the property, the owners made a bold decision to use the corner of the property to create the entrance.

The result was a spectacular entry to their home complimenting the era and style perfectly.
The pillars they chose were the 252 Pillars with a “Sturt Design” infill, so the property is visible from the street but still secure.

The fence has two LED lights framing the gate and the area has been paved to complete the lovely entrance. It is a great result as you can see from the pictures above.

No matter what your block size is, the shape and undulation, whether it is modern or traditional style, CastStone have a concrete fencing style to suit your home. We have been working with sandstone and concrete fencing, pillars and letterboxes for more than 30 years. Call us on 08 8244 4888 to discuss your needs and we will provide ideas on a fence to suit your property. We freight all over Australia.

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