Precast Sandstone Products Freight Australia Wide

Our precast sandstone concrete products can be freighted Australia wide to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas. Freight can be organised to be delivered directly to your home or building site. We will also deliver to the nearest depot so you can organise local pick up or delivery.

The CastStone staff pack pallets to maximum efficiency. Our freight transporters successfully deliver from one pallet to many,.

Scott from Port Augusta writes:

'Hi Rosemary
We received our caps all ok, we were very impressed not one cap was chipped or damaged in transit so thank you for your great service they just look fantastic.'

Any size pallet depending on your job

Pallets are standard size or specifically made to accommodate particular items. We will freight from one pallet to as many as required.

CastStone sandstone columns packed on specially made pallets with capitals CastStone sandstone columns packed on specially made pallets CastStone sandstone pyramid capitals packed on pallets

Fully wrapped secure pallets ready to be picked up

CastStone securely wrapped palletSecurely wrapped pallet of precast sandstone productsSecurely wrapped pallet of precast sandstone products

Loading up a Semi

Fully loaded semi truck with pallets of sandstone product CastStone staff using forklift to load pallets of sandstone product

DIY Instructions provided

For the handy home owner or builders or landscapers, full installation instructions are provided. Call us any time for assistance on your project.