House and Garden Trims

Architectural Ornaments and Embellishments

Precast House and Garden Features

In addition to being used within CastStone fences, these Architectural Elements can be used as standalone sculptural elements or become a feature of a classical gardenscape.

Why Us

We offer a large range of precast concrete sandstone Pyramids, Capping, Pedestals, Balls, Wall Veneers, Pier Caps and Balustrades to embellish any structure.

CastStone House and Garden Trims

  • Sandstone Urns
  • Precast Concrete Pyramids
  • Sandstone Capping
  • Sandstone Pedestals
  • Sandstone Balls
  • Precast Concrete Sandstone Balustrades

Huge selection of House and Garden Trims

Made in Adelaide, freight Australia wide.

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