Sandstone Letterboxes

Attractive and functional. Post Office Friendly.

CastStone Precast Concrete Sandstone Mailboxes

Sturdy, Safe, – properly styled to any home design, Heritage or Modern.

Why Us

  • All Australian made.
  • Quality fittings.
  • Customisation available.
  • Stone mailboxes can be installed by the home handyman.
  • Letterboxes created in Adelaide.

CastStone Letterboxes

  • Customised address plates are designed individually to each style of stone mailbox.
  • Stone Letterboxes identify your home.
  • Can be Lockable and are post office approved.
  • Sandstone letterboxes are manufactured in Adelaide.
  • Parcel drop, A4 mails slots or standard size mail slots available.

Huge selection of Sandstone Letterboxes

All CastStone sandstone stand-alone letterboxes are around 1m high. Letterboxes built into fence pillars will vary in height.

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