Careful Project Management

Let our project management experience work for you. Call Us! We have over 34 years experience dealing with wonderful clients, tricky sites, exacting councils, finicky neighbors, heritage buildings and all sorts of weather, subcontractors and suppliers.

We have worked on large scale developments with major companies. We have rescued projects that other contractors haven’t been able to be completed. We have installed thousands of beautiful sandstone fences around Adelaide and freighted to other cities and regional areas in Australia.

Communication is the key

We keep you up to date with a project's progress. We are great communicators and like to establish a good relationship with our customers, subbies and staff.

Thank you for a great job, Stewart and Roy worked really hard especially around the precise measurements and the rain.

Steps to a successful project

  • Visit our showroom and photo galleries to see our products.
  • A successful project starts when we first meet/speak with you — sharing our knowledge to match your ideas.
  • A site visit (if possible) or an email with your plans allows us to produce drawings and plans and a quote for you to consider.
  • Once we have agreed on a plan, we can liaise with your local council and ensure that all approvals and permits are granted.
  • At the completion of the project, we clean up the site, take some photos for our album, then leave or freight your pillars to you.