Gates and Automation

Gates can be designed to blend in with your stone pillar fence or to be a highlight on your boundary.

Pedestrian Access Garden Gates

  • Dress up your fence or blend in.
  • Punctuate a long fence line.
  • Draw the eye to beautiful features.
  • Accentuate your entry.
  • Follow your path.
  • Heritage homes or contemporary.

Driveway Gates

  • Double swing gates can be hinged on gate pillars.
  • The gates can be operated by an intercom system.
  • Require room for gates to open.
  • Can be automated.
  • Sliding gates maximize driveway space.
  • Suits any infill.
  • Heritage homes or contemporary.

Automated Sliding Gates

  • Remotes can usually be integrated with garage door remotes.
  • The motors we use can be either 240 volt or with a 24 volt transformer.
  • Sliding gates need power to the open position side.
  • Most motors can now be operated by using a smart phone.
  • A sliding gate can often be installed in spaces where a swinging gate won't fit.

Automated Swing Gates

  • The motors we use can be either 240V or with a 24 Volt transformer.
  • Swinging gates with two leaves need power to both sides of the entry.
  • Most motors can now be operated by a smart phone.