How a Pillar Fence Makes a Home – The Small Details Count

When it comes to designing beautiful sandstone concrete pillar fences for modern or traditional homes, it is the smaller details that count. The width, height, capitals and design elements of a sandstone concrete pillar, the infills chosen and the base upon which they are built, all have a significant impact on the property’s street appeal.

We’ve compiled a few examples to show the thought and planning that goes into designing the perfect fence that makes a home.


Roll top brush fence with small footprint

This roll top arched brush fence is framed with the 230 series pillars which have a compact footprint. We took care to complement the dimensions of the home and the smaller front yard. These narrower pillars have a smaller footprint, plus the arch design shaft highlights the portico arches.

Stately quoins for a stately home

We used 480x480mms quoins stacked to 2.4m high which match the corner details of this stately grand mansion in Adelaide. The home needed a simple but stylish fence as the home has plenty to say on its own.

Simple stylish Californian bungalow

This Californian bungalow needed a simple pillar design. We used the plain series with a flat capital designed to match the verandah columns capitals and painted to the colour of the home. The infills were tubular steel. The result is a simple fence design that matches the era in which the home was built.


Angles to match angles

The pyramid capitals on these pillars were specifically selected to match the angles of the roof. A plain 340 series pillar with a shorter capital has cleaner lines to blend in.

Quoins matching corners – letterboxes and concrete pillars

Quoins were designed to suit homes that have the quoins on them. They can be stacked as high as you need them, to work with the dimensions of the home. The letterboxes are integrated with the Quoin pillar.


Grand and ornate

The 250 series pillar shafts with an etched arched design were matched with a 480x480mms base to create the size and dimension needed to carry the home. The the arched shaft design was chosen to blend with arch windows on the house.

Tudor style with matching stonework 

Stonework in the fence low wall is the detail that made these sandstone concrete pillar fences blend so perfectly with both these homes. The 250 series pillars were selected with a slightly peaked capital and the stonework matches the well maintained masonry work on the house.

Wider and shorter pillars frame the home

We again used the 250 series pillars for this stately home . The peaked capitals complemented the peaked entrance of the home and the shaft pattern in the pillar itself matched the design detail of the home design. Concrete pillars can be colour matched or left to age naturally, taking in the elements of their environment.


House characteristics carried through to fence

This example is a beautifully integrated house and fence. The colour details, design and style of the home has been carried through to the fence. Solid infills provide security and privacy.

Tapered pillars for tapered roof

The concrete fence pillars (CastStone Adelaide) for this Californian Bungalow home have been tapered to complement the tapered roof. They have flat capitals to blend a nicely balanced fence with a simple iron infill and to match the verandah column capitals.

Arched Tudor style harmony

The 250 series of pillars have been used here with a tubular infill to complement this lovely Tudor home. The dual colours on the pillar shaft pick up the tones of the home creating a balanced harmony of home and fence, as does the complementing arch.


Contemporary made simple

A singular base and one Quoin creates a lovely entrance to this modern contemporary home. The letterbox is also part of the pillar. Pillars can have letterbox slots, paper rings, security cameras and lights integrated for a seamless look.

CastStone has been designing beautiful sandstone concrete pillar fences since 1986

We have the knowledge and expertise to make your home complete with the perfect fence. Call the CastStone team today on (08)8244 4888 for inspiration and ideas. We freight Australia-wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth and all regions of Australia. Or if you’re in Adelaide, please visit our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park.

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