Gates and Automation

Gates and Automation

Gates can be designed to blend in with your fence or to be a highlight on your boundary.

What a wonderful world we live in when we can press a button and the gates open to welcome us home.

  • Garden Gate     4392 Rose Garden

    • Dress up your fence or blend in
    • Punctuate a long fence line
    • Draw the eye
  • Driveway Gates

    • Double Swing Gates can be automated
    • Can be incorporated with an intercom system and have security

    • Swinging gates       Caststone Fence 252 Unpainted18                  

      • Traditional
      • Require extra room for gates to close
      • Can be automated
    • Sliding Gates          sliding gate

    High density living makes security a high priority; a sliding gate can often be installed in spaces where a swinging gate won't fit.

    Automated Gates

    • Swinging and sliding gates can both be automated.
    • Remotes can usually be integrated with garage door remotes.
    • Usually use 24 Volt motors with a transformer located in a weather proof enclosure close to a power point.
    • Swinging gates with two leaves need power to both sides of the entry
    • Sliding gates only need power to the side the gate slides into.
    • Automated gates add to the security of your home and reduce insurance costs.