4 Concrete Letterbox Ideas and Where to Place Them

By caststone

CastStone Parkstone Sandstone Letterbox 2765

A concrete letterbox suits most modern, traditional and heritage homes. It is both versatile and functional in that you can include a newspaper ring, have wider slots for different types of mail, it can be integrated with your concrete pillar fence, and we supply laser cut house numbers which can be designed to suit the era of your home.

With some of these options in mind, here are four types of concrete letterboxes and how they can be installed to suit a contemporary home.

1. Quoin Sandstone Concrete Pillar Letterbox

concrete letterbox

Our quoin concrete letterboxes match our quoin concrete pillars but work very well on their own as free-standing letterboxes. You can add several quoins to make them as high as you want. This particular letterbox has three quoins stacked on top of one another, a simple base, a flat capital and a newspaper ring.

2. Simple Modern Concrete Letterbox

concrete letterbox

This concrete letterbox is simple and smooth without any pattern and has a square base with a flat capital to keep minimalistic lines. It also has an attractive wider stainless steel plate for the house number.

3. Traditional Concrete Letterbox

concrete letterbox

The traditional concrete letterbox has a pointed capital and more decorative base, but can still be used in a contemporary home if you want something a little more ornate. These concrete letterboxes can come in varying sizes of height and width to suit your land size. This one also has a contrasting darker metal plate that has been laser cut with the house numbers.

4. Contemporary Wide Concrete Letterbox

concrete letterbox

The benefit of a wider letterbox such as this is that it provides structure to the front of the house. If you’re not planning to install a fence, this larger letterbox might be good alternative providing additional dimension to the front of your home.

There are many more ideas of concrete letterboxes here at CastStone. Visit us at our showroom at 950 Port Road, Albert Park or you can shop online. Have a look at our range of concrete letterboxes and call us to discuss the design you need. We freight Australia-wide to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas around Australia. Even with the freight costs, our prices are still competitive. Call us today on (08) 8244 4888 to discuss your letterbox ideas!

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