Choose Precast Sandstone for Your Heritage Fence

By caststone

Caststone Fence 350 Pillar With Stone Insert31

Adelaide is known for its bungalows, bluestone villas and sandstone cottages of years gone by. The beauty and quiet refinement of Adelaide is represented in the way these heritage homes are treated and cared for to ensure their preservation.

The fence that frames these homes must be a complement to the era and needs to take into account many factors – boundaries, landscape, streetscape and neighborhood. Rendered quoins, wrought iron fencing, balustrades and stone fencing are different elements of our range that can come together to create beautiful fences conserving the details of an era that we love.

CastStone has been creating heritage fences for heritage homes in Adelaide for more than 30 years with thousands of heritage fences installed across Adelaide. Within our large range of precast concrete pillars and fence infills, there are plenty of options to design the perfect heritage fence for your home with our expert advice and guidance.

When considering your heritage home and fence, here are some things to take into account.

The Pillar – How wide do you want the base? What is the perfect height for your home? Does the landscape undulate and how far is the home from the fence? This will determine the height and width of the pillars chosen.

For example, if the fence boundary is close to the home, you do not want to dominate the home with pillars that are too wide or too high, so a smaller range such as our 230 Concrete Pillar will probably suit your requirements. If the house is large and set back from the boundary, you will need a more substantial fence to complement the home and our 350 Concrete Pillar range is ideal for that grand looking fence to suit a larger home.

Choosing Dimensions -  You can customise your heritage fence to perfectly suit your home. What era is your home? How much detail do you want? Our pillars are available in heights from 1.5-2.5 metres tall and the bases from 550 cms to 825 cms. The

The Infill – How ornate would like the infill to be? We have a great range of choice with cast aluminium, slats, brush fences and tubular steel.

CastStone products are made of a precast concrete and sandstone mix, making them practical and durable as well as beautiful. They can be painted to your colour of choice or they can be left to weather naturally and over time they will take on an old stone look to match the era.

We have had many years experience in creating heritage fences that are unique to each home and perfectly suited to their era. We have many happy clients so give us a call on 08 8244 4888 and chat with our friendly staff to discuss your plans.

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