Pillar Design Catalogue

Quoin pillars bridge a gap - they are used on both modern and heritage traditional homes. The use of different capitals on Quoin pillars can transform them from modern to classical.

Quoin fencing's stackability can be used to create consistent levels on a sloping block.

  • Simple shapes for modern style - many options of capitals and shafts to suit the era of home
  • Heritage - suits older style homes such as traditional or heritage homes
  • Durable - made of precast sandstone concrete
  • Colour match - can be left to naturally age, or can be painted the same colour as your property
  • Works with many fencing infill styles  - including solid walls, tubular steel, cast aluminium, brush or timber/aluminium slats

Our most popular Quoin pillars are those with 400mm and 340mm square footprints, but we have other sizes available.

Quoin heights vary as we can stack sections to suit your needs.