Front Fence Ideas: Extend Your Living Space With an Enclosed Front Courtyard

The front garden can become a private and secure extension of your living space with a precast concrete pillar fence . We’ve compiled a few front fence ideas for both small and large front yards.

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Fence enhances street presence

The P Series pillars were chosen for this front yard. The front fence magnifies the street presence of this simple contemporary home. The pillars provide more depth and size and extend the perceived size of the property with a lovely courtyard. The fence extends to the side of the house with access straight to the front door, increasing the security of the property.


Low rise pillars with privacy slats

This courtyard has low-rise modern pillars (our Minimalist range ) with slats placed close together providing some privacy to the street. The gate is situated on the side of the fence.

Minimalist pillars for this contemporary residence

These minimalist pillars are simple with a ridged capital. The gate is situated at the side of the house and the courtyard is safe and secure for kids to play in.

Front yard

Elegantly enclosed, this front garden is framed with the larger of our pillars, the 350 series , with tubular infills. Security was more important than privacy for this home owner and the front yard is perfect for the grandkids.

A rosy courtyard

Roses planted along the fence line make this traditional property welcoming and cosy on this tree-lined street.


Small corner block appeal

Maximising the small area in the front yard of this smaller block, the fence wraps around the house. The enclosed front yard completes this contemporary residence.

A touch of Palm Beach

This lovely front garden with palm trees has an open style tubular steel infill. It’s neat and tidy and the gate situated at the side of the home increases security.

Paved front courtyard

The high pillars for this courtyard frame a paved and landscaped front courtyard. Open to the street but secure at the same time.


Topiary highlights this heritage villa

This wrap around fence frames the front garden of this heritage villa with a veranda, perfect to sit and greet the neighbours!

Gate on the side enhances security

Most of the land was used to build this larger home so the front garden is small. The gate is situated on the side of the fence enhancing security.


Double fronted modern classic

The P series of precast concrete pillars frame this modern classic double fronted home. The P series measure between 1.34m to 2.2m in height.

Minimalist and quoin pillars

Offering both security and privacy, the minimalist pillars have a Quoin at the top with a flat capital. The courtyard is secure with some privacy.

Create privacy and security with an enclosed front courtyard

Not only do you extend your living space with an enclosed front yard, you also enhance the security of your property. With a combination of fence pillars and infills, you can create as much or as little privacy as you want, while still maintaining security. Call us to discuss ideas on
(08)8244 4888

We freight our products Australia wide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and regional area of Australia. We are still competitively priced even with our freight costs. With more than 30 years manufacturing and installing precast concrete pillar fences, you can rest assured you will end up with a beautiful fence.

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