7 Ideas to Create a Welcoming Entrance to your Home with Sandstone Concrete Pillars

By caststone

concrete pillar entrance

There are many ways to configure the entrance to your home using precast sandstone concrete pillars. Below we have 7 different examples of entrances for traditional and contemporary homes – just to give you a taste of what’s possible!

1. Directly to footpath

matching concrete pillars  matching concrete pillars

Many fences are placed directly on the footpath which maximises landscaping space on the inside of the fence. In these examples, the 250 series of pillars have been used which are grand and stately, with integrated intercoms, security and letterboxes rings.

2. Curved and rounded

curved entry

3. Pedestrian to door

concrete pillar entrance

This home used a section of the footpath to lay a longer path to the front door. The same pavers have been used all the way to the front door, creates a sense of space, size and significantly increasing street appeal.

4. Lighting the way

concrete pillar entrance

There was more land available to create this entrance. A longer than usual pathway leads to the front gate. The concrete pillars have integrated lighting, illuminating the walkway.

5. Stepped in

concrete pillar entrance  concrete pillar entrance  concrete pillar entrance

Entrances can be stepped in to create a designated area outside the home. The home’s street presence improves and it looks fabulous! If you have a corner block, you can carve out what might otherwise be an unused corner of the garden, to create a lovely corner entrance – see picture below.

6. Simple, modern, open

matching concrete pillars

This entrance is simple, open and straight forward. Modern short pillars have been combined with quoins and an integrated letterbox with a pathway leading straight to the front porch.

7. Sydney heritage terrace

Sydney Terrace   Queen St Woollahra Nsw 350 Series Base, 525 X 525mm, Sh...

This Sydney terrace used two 350 series pillars which are the larger of our range. These pillars are in proportion with the substantial height and size of the terrace’s dimensions.

It’s not just about the fence, the entrance makes a big statement too!

Call the friendly team at CastStone and discuss ideas about creating an entrance that suits your home’s style and era. From heritage to modern, our precast concrete pillars fences come in all shapes and sizes.

With a large range of infill options, you can combine infills for the gate and fence in various textures and colours. Call us today on 1800 626 816 to start creating!

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