Give your modern home a ZING with precast concrete fence pillars

By caststone

Aluminium Slats

If you want to give  your current home a zing, or add pizzazz to your brand new modern home , precast sandstone concrete pillars are a perfect choice for fences!

Precast concrete pillars are durable, versatile, stylish and customisable. CastStone ships all over Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth as well as regional areas.

Minimalist Concrete Pillars and Quoins

The two most suited styles of concrete pillars for the modern home fence are the Quoins or the Minimalist Pillars.

Outdoor Fence

The Minimalist Pillars are simple, sharp and contemporary, have a low profile and can have a range of different caps from flat to peaked, to change the style. They can range from 700cms to 1800cms in height with varying footprints depending on your fence boundary.

The Quoins are stackable pillars so that you can choose your required height. Again you can add flat or peaked caps of your choice to customise for your home. Quoined pillars are available in 400 X 400mm and 340 X 340mm widths as well as other sizes.

We provide a range of fence infills such as timber, steel or aluminum slats which is another way to customise your modern fence and put your own unique stamp on it.

We also provide gate automation and integration with your security systems and garage remotes.

Choosing the right fence for your modern home is like choosing the right frame for a favorite piece of artwork

It will either make or detract from the artwork. Likewise, a fence will either complement or detract from the overall look of the home. So it’s important to get it right.

At CastStone we have over 30 years experience in helping our clients strike the right balance between style, size, security and function. With thousands of happy clients in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we continue to deliver knowledgeable, friendly and professional advice and expertise.

Call CastStone today on 1800 626 816 and chat with one of our friendly staff about your modern fencing needs.

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