Installing A Concrete Pillar Fence At A Grand Residence in Strathfield Sydney

By caststone

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Why would anyone want to ship an entire concrete pillar fence all the way to Sydney?

Because we produce stunningly beautiful fences and even with the freight, our prices are still competitive!

This particular residence situated in Strathfield, Sydney, needed a fence that met the house. In other words, it neither diminished nor was dwarfed by the size of this grand and decorative home. Instead, it had to complement the home, the land size and the property and make a subtle statement in its own right.

It is all the little things in fence design that make the difference between a fence that complements a home and one that does not

In this Strathfield residence, we used the 253 Concrete Fence Pillars which are 1830 high with an arched shaft design to suit the arches of the house. The driveway gate is actually a sliding gate due to footpath restrictions but made to look like a swing gate. The side gate is set slightly off the concrete fence pillar with a decorative aluminium infill on each side. This was done to match the dimensions of the footpath so that it was consistent leading to the front door.

We work with many Sydney clients to create perfect fences for their properties

Using google maps, surveyor reports and council specifications, we spend a lot of time liaising with our clients via email and phone until we have settled on a final design that everyone is happy with.

To deliver this level of service requires a lot of experience and understanding potential pitfalls in a particular suburb. With more than 30 years experience in planning and designing concrete pillar fences, we have worked with strict councils, challenging neighbours, undulating landscapes and unusual shaped blocks to deliver concrete pillar fences that our clients enjoy for many years to come.

If you are in Sydney and are researching concrete pillar fences for your home, whether it is a grand contemporary design, modern, traditional or a heritage Victorian terrace, then call CastStone today on 08 8244 4888 and talk to our friendly staff about your home and the style of fence it needs.

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